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Winmail Server is an enterprise class mail server software system offering a robust feature set, including extensive security measures. Winmail Server supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, LDAP, multiple domains, SMTP authentication, spam protection, anti-virus protection, SSL security, Network Storage, remote access, Web-based administration, and a wide array of standard email options such as filtering, signatures, real-time monitoring, archiving, and public email folders.

Winmail Server can be configured as a mail server, beyond standard LAN and Internet mail server configurations.

     System Requirements

Hardware Requirements: Intel I5 CPU or above, 500 GB hard disk, 2048 MB memory available

Operating System Requirements:
  • Windows 2003/2008/Windows 7/2012/Windows 10/2016/2019/2022 All versions supported
     Product Features
Winmail Server adapts well to many different network environments, with support for the following options:
  • Internet connection methods such as ADSL, cable modem and dial-up
  • Webmail, either as virtual directory or web site, under IIS, Apache.
  • Two types of email gateways: POP3 download and ETRN download, allowing access by multiple users to one email account without conflict.
  • Static and dynamic IP connections.

  • Ease of Use
    Winmail Server supports the following user email functionality:
  • Popular email client software products such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape and Eudora.Configure Email Client Software
  • Multi-language Webmail
  • Personal email signatures
  • Email groups for efficient communication and collaboration between individual group members
  • Email file attachment filtering by file names and type settings
  • Email archiving
  • Event calendar and user schedule functions
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) to access mail on server
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and IMAP public folder access for Outlook, Outlook Express and Webmail, to allow sharing of user information within an internal network

  • Ease of Administration
    Mail system administrator functionality includes the following options:
  • Import and export of user accounts data for server upgrades
  • Administration of individual user account privileges including individual email account termination and individual mailbox size restriction
  • Ability to set up and manage user groups
  • Multiple administrators and independent domain administrator setup function
  • Remote access server administration using SSL security connection protocol via web management interface
  • Multi-domain (virtual domain) service and installation of multiple domains in one device
  • Windows server accounts standards conformance
  • Bi-directional mailbox monitoring
  • Real-time operating status reports
  • Multi-threading design to facilitate multi-user simultaneous access
  • Spam protection, IP and domain name filter, and RBL (Real-time Blackhole Lists) to check and individually customize user filter rules
  • Convenient software installation and uninstallation

  • Safety and Security
    The following security and backup features are provided:
  • SMTP service supporting multiple domain names, domain aliases and ESMTP (Extended SMTP) authentication.
  • SSL security for communication under SMTP, POP3, IMAP and LDAP
  • System failure recovery function
  • System log recording each server event
  • System backup and restore capability
  •      Function List

    > SMTP Service
    SMTP service may support functions of domain names, domain bynames, and ESMTP attestation. Meanwhile it can send out mails to the terminal domain directly through MX records, it can also send them to an outside email server. (eg: ISP's SMTP server). Support SSL secure communication.

    > POP3 Service
    Users may receive mail on the server through the following mail client softwares: Outlook Express, the Bat, Eudora, etc. Support SSL secure communication.

    > IMAP Service
    Users may operate mail on the server through current mail client software: Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Messenger, the Bat, Eudora, etc. Support SSL secure communication.

    > WebMail Service
    Multi languages and Hotmail like webmail support that allow users to register a new account, write, send, and receive mails in a web browser. Support SSL secure communication. Support setup WebMail as a virtual directory or site of IIS or PWS.

    > LDAP Service
    Public user information in one organization. Other user can search one user information through public contact. Support SSL secure communication.

    > IMAP Public Folder
    User can view public information by Outlook Express, Outlook, the Bat, Eudora, Webmail. administor can setting view/post/delete right.

    > Secure Communication
    Support SSL secure communication for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, Admin. It is also possible to send messages via a secured connection.

    > Mail Signing
    The manager maybe accept or reject the request when one user send mail to other domain or local domain.

    > Initialize Wizard
    Ease of use and setup, the new initialized wizard tool enables user setup in one minute.

    > NT Domain Attestation
    Mailbox users in the system can make conformity with account in NT system. Attestation of received/sent mails may adopt NT domain attestation system to improve its security and reduce the complexity of system maintenance.

    > Users Management
    This function allows administrators to create, delete or disable mail account, set quotas, and configure user's outside send and receive rights. Support setting max mail size of one user, Support multiple administrator and independence domain administrator.

    > Mail Group
    The Mail Group function enables administrators to set up mail groups as required and the system will automatically send mails to each member in the mail groups. Support everyone group. Supports external mail address.

    > Mail Gateway
    The Winmail Server can also be used as the LAN's gateway. It will automatically receive mails from the appointed account in a remote server, and send them to the local customers according to the setting rules. Winmail Server supports two main ways of receiving remote mails: POP3 receiving and ETRN loading.

    > Remote Management
    The remote management tools allow the administrator to manage the mail server in a remote trust center with SSL encipher.

    > Filtration and Monitor
    The system also supply the filtration and two-way monitor functions by ways of IP addresses, domain names, mail's origin, texts of mail heads. and texts of mail body. It can block spam mails and illegal content and information. support attachment filtering. Support frequency control for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4. Support max connection control for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4.

    > Scheduled Task
    The administrator can schedule tasks to run in a given time or period £¨eg: Send mails to the remote server and receive mails from the remote server).

    > System Log
    The system will record the running log, allowing the administrator to control all the information while the email server is running.

    > Backup & Restore
    System values and mails backup and restore, you can set it to a automate job.

    > Is it necessary to restart the computer after installing Winmail Mail Server?

    > Will upgrading my current installation cause mail and/or data loss?

    > Why did the SMTP or POP3 service failed?

    > No matter how I change the setup, I still cannot receive external emails. How can I correct this?

    > Why does the mail server run unsteadily? Sometimes outgoing emails get delayed for several hours.

    > How do I send and receive email using Outlook?

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