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Is it necessary to restart my computer after installing Winmail?
You will not need to restart the computer unless you are prompted to do so when a popup message appears.

Will upgrading my current installation cause mail and or data loss?
  Select the save data option, "leave", during the upgrade procedure. The original data and system parameters can still be used. For security issues, backup all files of your current Winmail Server installation before performing the upgrade.

Winmail Installation Preparation
1. Download the latest version of Winmail Server from our Downloads Page.
2. Make sure the system you wish to run Winmail on fulfills the requirements outlined on the Home Page.
3. To avoid any conflicts you need to temporarily stop any firewall, Anti-Virus, proxy server, or other mail server software before installing.

Why has the SMTP or POP3 service failed?
This can happen when you installed another application that relates to resources needed by the mail server and has created a device or port conflict. To be more specific:
1. In the case where you have installed a Anti-Virus software for email protection, then port 110 [ POP ] and or port 25 [ SMTP ] conflicts may occur. . To correct this, change the port for the Anti-Virus software monitors. If your Anti-Virus software does not allow you to change the port, then you must disable the Anti-Virus software in order to use Winmail.

2. In the case where you have installed proxy server software, then port 110 [ POP ] and or port 25 [ SMTP ] conflicts may occur. This is because some proxy servers simultaneously have a mail proxy function. You will need to stop the mail proxy function of those proxy servers.

3. Port conflicts may also occur in the case where there is a firewall application installed. You will need to open the following ports: 25 [ SMTP ], 110 [ POP3 ], 6000 [ Admin ], and 6080 [ WebMail ]. If your firewall application will not allow you to open the ports or does not support port modification, you must disable that firewall application in order for Winmail to function.

4. In the case where another mail server is installed, the previous server and Winmail may attempt to use the same port which causes a port conflict. Simply stopping the other mail server will allow Winmail to perform normally. You may check which server is utilizing a port, by telneting to each port. The greeting upon connection will identify which server is utilizing a specific port. To telnet to port 110 [ POP ] run this command ( if you are on the local host ) from your command line, telnet 110 and telnet 25 ( there is a space between the 1 and the port number ). When you connect, the server running on that port will identify itself. Winmail looks like the following:

+OK servername Winmail Server POP3 ready

Type "user yourusername" and the server will respond with " +OK "

Then type "your password" and the server will respond with the message count for that user or " +OK ". To disconnect type " quit " and you will be disconnected.

No matter how I change the setup, I still could not receive emails from outside. How can I correct this?
If you are able to send and receive emails locally but can only send emails to other domains, then it is possible that you do not have a public network address. Without a public network address, other mail systems cannot connect to your mail server on port 25 [ SMTP ]. Check with your network administrator for information regarding your public domain name and see if your domain name and MX [ Mail Exchange ] record points to the correct IP address of your mail server and/or domain.

If you are using an Internet sharing device such as a high speed router that also functions as a hub, make sure you are able to open the ports 110 [ POP ] and 25 [ SMTP ] so your server can send and receive email. To find out more, please review your hardware manual. To find out more about MX records and Domain Name resolution you can perform an Internet search at any Internet search site, consult your network administrator, and/or Internet Service Provider.

The SMTP service starts but I cannot send email across my LAN. How can I correct this?
This is caused by the settings in Winmail for the SMTP parameters. An error in Outlook Express or Eudora will return a error "553". By default Winmail is installed with the "Close open relay ( Need SMTP authentication except for trusted hosts.) " option checked; Unchecking this option will allow you to send and receive email across your local LAN. Please note, by not requiring authentication for the SMTP services you could be allowing unauthorized usage of your mail server. It is recommended that you only disable this option if you are operating the mail server on a LAN.

Why can't the administration console connect to the server when the Internet connection is good and the password is correct?
If your trying to connect through a firewall, make sure port 6000 is open in the firewall software. You can change the connection port if you wish.

Why does the mail server run unstable? Sometimes it delay sending mail out for several hours.
We suggest you check following:
 1. Is there a good connection with your Internet.
 2. Check your DNS status.
 3. Make sure that the size of the mail being sent is not too big.
 4. Make sure that your mail server is not used to relay other mails.

How do I send and receive email using Outlook?
Create a new account in Outlook: mailing address is; POP3 and SMTP addresses are your server's IP addresses.

What is a winmail.dat file?
The Winmail.dat file is used to preserve the format that is included in the sending client's message which may not be recognized by the receiving client. In the case of Outlook, the Winmail.dat file includes Rich Text Formatting (RTF) instructions. This type of formatting is used with the Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format and Microsoft Word as an e-mail editor. you can find the program to extract the files at

Why does Outlook 2002 stop responding when I download a message ?
It's a Microsoft bug, please look at;EN-US;Q329349? ,

Why does Outlook Respond "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for" ?
Please stop smtp server of IIS, then start smtp service on Winmail server.

Why does Outlook respond with "553 sorry, you don't authenticate or the domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts(#5.7.1)"?
Winmail Server require SMTP authentication. Please see , and set your Outlook.
If you use Norton software, you must disabled Norton from scanning your outgoing e-mail.

Using CDONTS to send mail from ASP pages.
The CDONTS component requires the Microsoft SMTP service which is included with IIS. To avoid conflicts when activating Microsoft SMTP service on the same server as Winmail, configure Microsoft SMTP to monitor a different incoming port(Win2003 server):
  1. start Microsoft Internet Services Manager (MMC) and open the Properties for the Microsoft SMTP service
  2. on the "General" tab, click the "Advanced" button next to the IP address and set the TCP port to any unused port, e.g. 26 or 2525
  3. Select General->Connection and verify that the outgoing port is set to 25.   4. Select Delivery->Advanced and enter the fqdn (fully qualified domain name) in the appropriate field, change the name of the server so that it was the same as the fqdn.
  4. on the "Access" tab, verify that the "Relay" list includes the IP address(es) of the virtual web servers,
The outgoing port should remain as 25. After this change, all incoming mail will be processed by Winmail, while either service will be able to deliver outbound mail.
To avoid using Microsoft SMTP services, there are a number of third party components, such as OCXmail, ASPmail, Jmail.

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