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Version 7.1(Build 0518)(05/18/2023)

1. Enhanced password policy setting function, can set multiple subdivision policy rules, and can set weak password dictionary.
2. It is allowed to modify the domain name of the common domain, both the main domain and common domain can be renamed.
3. Adjust the directory structure of user email storage, store them in sub-directories by domain name, and existing user emails will be automatically migrated.
4. Allows modification of group names and user aliases.
5. Mail migration supports multi-threaded downloading of mail.
6. Fixed some security and functionality issues.
7. Upgrade Apache to 2.4.55.
8. Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1t.
9. Upgrade PHP to 7.4.33.
10. Upgrade Clamav to 1.0.1.
11. Upgrade Spamassassin to 3.4.4.

Version 7.0(Build 0630)(06/30/2022)

1. Support update password for multiuser.
2. Enhanced filter rules settings.
3. Support authorization code login for mail client.
4. Added remove client ip for mail header settings.
5. User can set time zone in Webmail.
6. Upgrade Apache to 2.4.53.
7. Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1n.
8. Upgrade PHP to 7.4.28.
9. Support Windows Server 2022, Windows 11.

Version 6.7(Build 0112)(01/12/2021)

1. SMTP, POP3,IMAP support bind multiple IP and port.
2. Anti-spam support OCR.
3. Webmail added one new style.
4. Support single copy to save mail.
5. Support TLSv1.3 (above Windows 2008)
6. Support http2 protocol.
7. Enhanced SSL/TLS compatibility.
8. Upgrade Apache to 2.4.46.
9. Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1i.
10. Upgrade PHP to 7.2.34.
11. Fixed public contacts import bug.
12. Fixed outlook recall mail bug.
13. Fixed server crash bug.
14. Fixed user information lose bug.

Version 6.3(Build 0408)(04/08/2018))

1. Anti-spam support DBL.
2. Webmail added one new style template for mobile devices.
3. Added online view office file function to Webmail.
4. Fixed webmail security bug.
5. Fixed DKIM mail body hash fail bug.
6. Upgrade Apache, PHP version.

Version 6.2(Build 0620)(06/20/2017)

1. IMAP automatically subscribes to Winmail system mail folder, Outlook 2013 and above can automatically identify.
2. OpenLDAP database engine upgrade, added automatic repair and emptying function.
3. The system group added the import and export functions.
4. Public contacts added the search function.
5. Added department field to user property.
6. Administrators can view quarantined message subject and recipient information, resend messages, etc.
7. Quarantine notification message to increase the resend and whitening list link.
8. Added the SpamAssassin filtering option in SMTP filtering, suspicious messages can be save to the quarantine.
9. The default admin administrator can delete.
10. SMTP can prohibit plain text authentication.
11. System security enhancements, encrypted password and many other sensitive data, can not return to the old version after the upgrade.
12. Enhanced Webmail security checks to fix multiple security vulnerabilities.
13. Upgrade Apache, PHP version.
14. Compiler update, the new version no longer supports Windows 2000. WinXP system must be installed sp3 patch.

Version 6.1(Build 0720)(08/22/2016)

1. Added DKIM support.
2. Anti-spam support Quarantine.
3. Added set one mailbox to readonly.
4. Webmail support session mode.
5. Webmail support show statistics information.
6. Fixed IMAP bug for some special mail under iOS.
7. Upgrade OpenLDAP to 2.4.44, Outlook can access the public contacts.
8. Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.2h, support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
9. Upgrade Apache and PHP, support PHP7.

Version 5.5.1(Build 1203)(12/03/2014)

1. Fixed IMAP bug for some special mail.
2. Improve mail server performance.
3. Improve webmail performance.
4. Upgrade PHP to 5.4.35.
5. Upgrade Sqlite to

Version 5.5(Build 1009)(10/09/2014)

1. Added system migration function, transfer accounts and mails from outside mail server.
2. Added mails auto-archiving and auto-cleaning function.
3. Webmail support add lable, starred, memo to one mail.
4. Webmail support show Send status in Sent folder.
5. Upgrade Apache to 2.4.10.
6. Upgrade PHP to 5.4.31.
7. Upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.3.4.
8. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8zb.
9. Upgrade ClamAV to 0.98.4.

Version 5.1(Build 0718)(07/18/2013)

1. Added System Flow Graph.
2. Added Greylisting function to Anti-Spam module.
3. Use sqlist store some system values.
4. Webmail support upload photo using iPhone and iPad.
5. Webmail support generate two dimensional code.
6. Fixed IMAP no-response problem using Outlook 2013.
7. Upgrade Apache to 2.4.4.
8. Upgrade PHP to 5.4.16.
9. Upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.3.2.
10. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8x.
11. Upgrade ClamAV to 0.97.7.

Version 5.0(Build 0620)(06/20/2012)

1. Added password-guessing detection function.
2. Rewrite DNS cache function to improve the domain query performance.
3. Webmail added multi-tab in default template.
4. Webmail added one new style template for iPad and Android touch pad.
5. The new webmail style template support iPhone.
6. Webmail support IE10.
7. Improve webmail show speed.
8. Support Windows 8.
9. Support Wap for mobile.
10. The personal address support add multi telephone number.
11. Default disable SSLv2 and weak encryption ciphers for https service.

Version 4.9(Build 0715)(07/15/2011)

1. Added mail call-back function, support webmail and Office Outlook.
2. Added another smtp port.
3. Enhanced password policy.
4. Added one new webmail style: simple, sush as hotmail.
5. Added one new webmail style: mini, can be used by pda and mobile device.
6. Webmail support IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10
7. Don't support Windows NT os.
8. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8r.
9. Upgrade Apache to 2.2.19.

Version 4.8(Build 0811)(08/11/2010)

1. Mail group support Multi-level.
2. Run SpamAssassin as service.
3. Webmail added one new style template.
4. Upgrade Apache to 2.2.15, run as service.
5. Upgrade PHP to 5.3.2.
6. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8n.
7. Webmail support IE7 and IE8.
8. The HTML editor support Firefox, Safari, Chrome.
9. Rewrite read mail code, impove the webmail performance.
10. Fixed clear netdisk error bug.

Version 4.7(Build 0217)(02/17/2009)

1. Enhanced Webmail mailing list, search functions, increase lable settings.
2. Added the domain of mailbox and network disk storage directory settings.
3. Added the domain signature file settings.
4. Added user mailbox and network disk storage directory settings.
5. Added multi relay server setting.
6. Added the system broadcast messages.
7. Added FTP data transfer options.
8. Added the time setting for automatic backup.
9. Enhanced MS-TNEF(winmail.dat) format to MIME.
10. Webmail added picture verification.
11. Webmail added paging display, such as address book, filter rules, etc.
12. Fixed SSL error does not timeout.
13. Fixed admin service not responding.
14. Fixed the mail from bug of calendar remind e-mail.

Version 4.6(Build 0618)(06/18/2008)

1. Rewrite Webmail by AJAX, Impove the webmail performance.
2. Added disk space warning function.
3. Quota of one mail box can large then 2GB.
4. Added deliver domain control of one mailbox.
5. Added access ip control of one mailbox.
6. The action of system smtp filter can set to "reject"/"deliver to special mail box"/"add flag [SPAM] in the subject".
7. The action of SpamAssassin can set to "add flag [SPAM] in the subject".
8. Added import and download function to smtp setup.
9. Added import and download function to access control of service.
10. Added import and download function to Pop3 download.
11. Added import and download function to mail filter.
12. When user view one mail in send folder in webmail, the user can resend.
13. Improve page speed when show public contact in Webmail.
14. Fixed upload and download bug using Secure FTP.

Version 4.5(Build 0912)(09/12/2007)

1. Enhanced international support, charset converted into UTF-8.
2. Added the log files stored setting.
3. Each domain can set an sender for system message.
4. Users login by hostname and ip address for SMTP/POP3/IMAP/FTP services.
5. POP3 download added the days for reserve copy and the user-defined analysis field.
6. Added to import user from the windows system AD.
7. Added Webmail WAP function.
8. Webmail's address list/address group added to batch delete.
9. Webmail's calendar added sorting function.
10. Webmail added the default signature setting.
11. Shared events/task added expiry time and password control.
12. Shared disk added expiry time and password control.
13. Fixed mail monitoring bugs.
14. Fixed DNS query bugs.
15. Fixed backup bugs.
16. Upgrade Apache to 1.3.37.
17. Upgrade PHP to 4.4.6.
18. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8e.
19. Upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.17.
20. Don't support Windows 9x,ME.

Version 4.4(Build 1124)(11/24/2006)

1. Enhanced SMTP filter, added SPF(Sender Policy Framework).
2. Enhanced SMTP filter, added trap mailbox function.
3. Enhanced right control of mailbox.
4. Webmail added one new style template.
6. Upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.13.
7. WebMail performance tunning.
8. Fixed one Calendar BUG in WebMail.
9. Fixed one mail view BUG in WebMail.

Version 4.3(Build 0302)(03/02/2006)

1. Webmail added Split recipients to compose function.
2. Webmail added filter JavaScript code to view mail function.
3. Upgrade Apache to 1.3.34.
4. Upgrade PHP to 4.4.1.
5. Upgrade OpenSSL to 0.9.8a.
6. Upgrade SpamAssassin to 3.10.
7. WebMail performance tunning.
8. Webmail added contact share function .
9. Fixed some security problem of Webmail.
10. Fixed send mail to AOL BUG.
11. Fixed postmaster can't receive mail BUG.
12. Fixed IMAP compatibility problem with JavaMail.

Version 4.2(Build 0824)(08/24/2005)

1. Enhanced SMTP filter, added Real-time White List(RWL).
2. Enhanced receiving and sending limit, can send to/receive from the special domain.
3. Enhanced password encrypt method, support md5, sha1, plain, crypt(DES).
4. Update database engine, improve database analyse speed.
5. Update SpamAssassin to 3.02 version.
6. Enhanced relay delivery, support SSL connections.
7. Webmail added certificate, can sending/receiving, read S/MIME format message.
8. Webmail added personal address group.
9. Adjusted page structure when Webmail select To/CC/BCC.
10. Webmail added recent recipients list.
11. Webmail automatically fill recipients address.
12. Webmail can download attachment in eml format file.
13. Webmail can mark as read/unread in message list.
14. Webmail can support Punycode format domain.
15. Webmail reduced analyse, improve speed when downloading attachment.
16. Webmail display file size when downloading attachment.
17. Webmail added from select list.
18. Fixed SMTP SSL connections bug.
19. Fixed Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP browser images slowly and sent status error.
20. Removed Secure LDAP.
21. IMAP server support IDLE command.
22. Separated anti-virus notification and attachment filter notification.
23. COM added interface for modified user and domain sending/receiving limit.

Version 4.1(Build 0428)(04/28/2005)

1. Allow MAIL FROM command with a null mail address (MAIL FROM: <>)
2. Added the limition of incoming/outcoming message size of.
3. Enhanced POP3 download, support SSL connection.
4. Enhanced spam filter, included SpamAssassin.
5. POP3 service support LAST command.
6. Enhanced mail montior and signature, assigned to domain manager.
7. Enhanced scheduler, disable/delete not login user and empty special folders.
8. Enhanced mail user's right.
9. Added import and export personal address in Webmail.
10. Webmail added two themes.
11. Menu display new message number in Webmail.
12. Auto-reply added start date and end date.
13. Adjusted Webmail's directory structure, improved security.
14. Fixed import user account bug.
15. Fixed time span bug in the scheduler.
16. Fixed reply message bug in text mode.
17. Fixed Mozilla Thunderbird POP3 authentication bug.
18. Added mail from for relay/directly delivery.
19. Fixed RAR encryped package misinformation virus.
20. Fixed shared file visit failed when mailuser changed password.
21. Support a package for voice/video control, and then prevent WinXP+SP2 download failed.
22. Add a Outlook, Outlook Express Plug-in utility.
23. Fixed Opera, Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP command bug.
24. Added Spell Check in Webmail.
25. Webmail Supports Japanese and French languages.

Version 4.0(Build 1318) (01/18/2005)

1. Fixed file date format bug in Webmail.
2. Fixed show installation path bug in Webmail.
3. Fixed upload/download check bug in Webmail.
4. Fixed JavaScript check bug in Webmail.
5. Fixed IMAP folder check bug.
6. Fixed ftp port command check bug.
7. Upgrade unzipdll.dll.

Version 4.0(Build 1112)(11/12/2004)

1. Added Network Storage feature in Webmail to make the share of file and directory more efficient. (Instead of sending file to a group of people, now there is a choice to upload the file to Network Storage section and send out the link only. The recipient can retrieve the file at any time.) User can use popular FTP client tool to manage the Network Storage as well.
2. Added Calendar feature to Webmail.
3. Added Notebook feature to Webmail.
4. Added Voice and Video Mail feature to Webmail.
5. Added Bulletin Board feature to Webmail.
6. Added support for SMTP authentication in Domain Direct Delivery.
7. Added support for compressed attachment (*.zip, *.rar) in anti-virus module.
8. Added expiration feature to mailbox.
9. Added password retrieval function to Webmail.
10. Added automatically login function to Webmail.
11. Support send mail to IMAP Public Mailbox in Webmail.
12. Fixed display issue under XP.
13. Fixed RBL loop issue.
14. Added VRFY and EXPN command to SMTP service.

Version 3.8(Build 0820)(08/20/2004)

1. Added mail from and rcpt to check to SMTP service.
2. Added white email address list.
3. Enhanced mail filter function.
4. re-design IMAP function.
5. Fixed Webmail Session Timeout bug.
6. Fixed Pop3 download thread bug.
7. Fixed RBL check bug.
8. Fixed install bug in windows 2003.

Version 3.8(Build 0509)(05/10/2004)

1. Supports SSL secure communication for HTTP.
2. Added text filter entry for the whole mail body.
3. Added password saving for administration console tool.
4. Enhanced the SMTP SSL.
5. Added frequency control for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4.
6. Added max connection control for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4.
7. Added administration control for mail group.
8. Added import and export for mail group.
9. Added EHLO/HELO check for SMTP service.
10. Added user level filter to Webmail.
11. Added register id keep to Webmail.
12. Added download whole mail function to Webmail.
13. Webmail Supports Greek languages.
14. Fixed attachment filter bug.
15. Fixed view mail queue dump bug.
16. Fixed some IMAP command bug, support Outlook 2003.
17. Fixed domain MX lookup bug.
18. Fixed LDAP service dump bug.
19. Fixed show "one_filtered " bug for Webmail.
20. Fixed discloses installation path bug for Webmail.

Version 3.6(Build 0202)(02/02/2004)

1. Enhanced the mail filter, you can adjust order of rules.
2. IMAP support the sub folder and the name of folder can include space.
3. Enhanced the initializers tools.
4. Added remove the temporary file.
5. Supports setting max mail size of one user.
6. The mail group can add external mail address.
7. Supports Norman in Antivirus Control.
8. Added import and export function to Public Contacts
9. Webmail added auto-save the writing mail to draft function.
10. Added online receive the user's outside pop3 by webmail.
11. Webmail can select the public address and mail group when writing webmail.
12. Webmail added copy mail function.
13. Enhanced supporting UTF7, UTF8, UUCODE mail format by webmail.
14. Webmail added user can select the infomation add to public contacts or not.
15. Supports auto converting MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachment by webmail.
16. Added search user function to web-based administration.
17. Added Setup WebMail to Apache document to help file.
18. Fixed user lost the last visit time bug.
19. Fixed the public contacts when modify primary domain.
20. Fixed the DNS check bug when send mail to local domain.
21. Fixed the lookup user when send mail to the alias domain.
22. Fixed the default mailbox of one domain will be clear bug.
23. Fixed browser webmail occurs error when using IE5.

Version 3.5(Build 1106)(11/07/2003)

1. Added read mails of the IMAP public folder at Webmail.
2. Enhance the function that delete user in public contacts.
3. Added the limitation of personal address.
4. Added a function that the new user add to the everyone group.
5. Enhance the filter function, so that it's easier that give away mails.
6. Support the user-define service banner display name.
7. Fixed Web based administration occur error when adding new user.
8. Fixed error that Webmail signature format and save.
9. Support Swedish language for Web based administration.

Version 3.4b(Build 1022) (10/22/2003)

1. Support SSL secure communication for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP. Keep away from network dictograph.
2. Added set HELO host function to SMTP Setup.
3. can add outside address to LDAP public contacts.
4. Added IMAP Public Folder, can setting view/post/delete right.
5. Support Socks4,5 internet connect.
6. Added text filter entry for the whole mail header.
7. Added Attachment Filtering to Antivirus Control.
8. Support Panda, RAV, F-Secure in Antivirus Control.
9. Reject if sender's mail domain was not found IN DNS.
10. Check local account in SMTP connect.
11. Provides COM object, in support of ASP or PHP program development.
12. Added username replaces the mailbox name function in POP3 download.
13. Added replace the inside address with a outside address function in SMTP setup.
14. Added Web based Administration.
15. Added Request Notify function to Webmail.
16. Added save to draft function to Webmail.
17. Added customer folder to Webmail, you can easy to change banner and text.
18. Public Contact of Webmail will show user's full name.
19. Support Norwegian, Danish language for Webmail.
20. User can input domain when login by Webmail.
21. Support notepaper selection when edit a html format mail in Webmail.
22. Fixed webmail can't login bug when user change the port of POP3.
23. Fixed Webmail's Signature format bug.
24. Fixed error mailbox full notice bug.
25. Solved the problem of compatibility of IMAP format and POP3 format when accessing with Ximain Evolution.
26. Fixed receive repeat mail bug when use POP3 download.

Version 3.0(Build 0808) (08/08/2003)

1. Added LDAP service allows remote clients to search public contacts with Outlook or Outlook Express. .
2. Added IMAP server.
3. Added mail signing. A mail can be signed before being sent.
4. Added system backup and restore function, and enhance mail backup.
5. Added someone domain direct delivery.
6. Added Germany and Swedish lanuage for webmail.
7. Enhanced the filter rule.
8. Fixed the bug that not found user when send a mass mail.
9. Added time section of scheduler.
10. Added days of history log
11. Upload a large attachment when Webmail adding to IIS.
12. Fixed the bug that the space of mail used by a user and the number of mails count less than zero.
13. Added checking mail address and invaild address when SMTP communication.
14. Added bad reception list to SMTP.
15. Sort MX record by the PRI.
16. Fixed send exception when sometimes SMTP communication.
17. Fixed the bug that lookuping the MX in CheckPoint firewall.
18. Added the sort function in user list and domain list.
19. Added import user and export user function.
20. Improve prompt of admin timeout.
21. Fixed the bug that Netscape Messenger send error when SMTP authentication.
22. Added permanently delete function for Webmail.
23. Fixed some little bugs, change some words spell.

Version 2.4(Build 0530) (05/30/2003)

1. Fixed close open replay not active when first use initialize wizard tool.
2. Fixed system string format bug
3. Fixed the mail header lose some tags bug, when use webmail.

Version 2.4(Build 0516) (05/20/2003)

1. Support multiple administrator, support independence domain administrator.
2. Support more domain attribute.
3. Support one more forward address at one mailbox attribute.
4. Support convert MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachemnt into MIME message.
5. Support setup WebMail as a virtual directory or site of IIS or PWS.
6. WebMail performance tunning.
7. Support Windows 2003 server.
8. The user name of POP3 download can include % character.
9. Fixed webmail can't send mail, when change smtp port.
10. Fixed server can't send mail to some domain, when enable DNS cache option.
11. Fixed webmail javascript error, when upgard a new version.

Version 2.3 (04/02/2003)

1. Added initialize wizard tool allowing you setup a mail system in one minute.
2. Added view one mail in mail queue by Outlook Express function.
3. Added register a new mailbox function in WebMail.
4. Added insert table and img/flash url function to WebMail HTML editor.
5. WebMail performance tunning.
6. Fixed WebMail setup bug.
7. Fixed WebMail date format error bug.
8. Fixed WebMail bug at one multiple domains system.
9. Trial Version supports 20 mailboxs.
10. Fixed multiple attachment format error bug.
11. Fixed outside send right control error bug.
12. Fixed autorun can not be disable bug.
13. Fixed other little bug; change some words spell.

Version 2.02 (03/04/2003)

1. Added Hotmail like Webmail function, you can view and compose in Brower.
2. Support three mode anti-virus, include plugin api, support many anti-virus engines.
3. Enhanced mailbox monitor function.
4. Added mailbox backup function. The mails inside or outside the local domain can be backed up to a designated mailbox.
5. Mail autoforward can set to save copy.
6. Support setting timeount of SMTP, POP3 download.
7. Support enable or disable one schedule job.
8. Support RBL server check.
9. Support DNS cache.
10. Fixed smtp send mail stop bug.
11. Fixed sometime use 95% CPU bug.
12. Fixed old system log files can't been clear bug.

Version 1.22 (01/16/2003)

1. Smtp authentication can check "mail from" field.
2. User name of "Relay server" can include "@" character.
3. Fixed a loop bug of POP3 download with send mail to internet setting.
4. Fixed mail delivery error messages bug.
5. Added timeout control to anti-virus function.
6. Optimize install package, let it smaller.

Version 1.20(01/08/2003)

1. Added mail anti-virus function, support serveral third-party anti-virus engines.
2. Setup two DNS server.
3. The time out when finding MX record.
4. Display more information when check the latest version.
5. Error messages of starting write to system application event.
6. Control user's outsite send and receive outsite right.
7. Fixed send mail to BUG.
8. Fixed Mail Gateway/POP3 Download BUG.
9. Fixed Mail Monitor BUG.

Version 1.04(11/29/2002)

1. Monitor all of inbox and outbox mail that the account is set to be monited
2. Management program can communicate with server by SSL Encryption Protocol. So, Ver.1.04 and Ver.1.02 are not intercommunication
3. Modified some BUG: send mail to Groups, revise Groups and etc.
4. Added check the latest version function
5. Allow to show Used Space, customerized POP3 setting
6. Adjusted the interface of management tools and program icon

Version 1.02 (11/01/2002)

2. POP3
3. NT domain authentication
4. Users and User Aliases
5. Groups
6. Domains and Domain Aliases
7. Mail Gateway: POP3,ETRN
8. Mail filter and monitor
9. Scheduling
10. System Log

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