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A good Solution to Stop spam using Winmail 6.*

1. go to "Sytem Setup"/"SMTP Setup"/"Basic Parmeters"

  Select "The sender of local domains must authentication"
    Select "Exclude host without SMTP filter (internal address)"

2. go to "Anti-Spam"/"SMTP Filter"

  Select "Allow MAIL FROM command with a null mail address(MAIL FROM:<>)"
  Select "Check mail address and disbale invalid addresses when using SMTP communications"
  Select "Check the domain of sender address by DNS query"
  Select "Lookup the recipients address when sending mail to this server"
  Select "Check A or MX of the HELO/EHLO hostname B Class matches the connection IP"
    Select "Check A or MX of the sender domain when checking hostname failed"
  Select "Reject HELO/EHLO hostname(s) listed on HELO/EHLO Filter tab"
  Select "Enable SPF(Sender Policy Framework) check"
  Select "Enable DKIM(DomainKeys Identified Mail) check"

3. go to "Anti-Spam"/"Bad/Good List"/"HELO/PTR Filter"

  Add next record to the "Bad HELO/PTR hostname" list:

4. go to "Anti-Spam"/"Bad/Good List"/"IP Filter"

  Add next record to the "Good Host IP" list:


5. go to "Anti-Spam"/"RBL/RWL Setup"

  Select "Use RBL(Real-time Black List)"

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